We Are Roll Dice Gaming

About Us

We set up our own business in 2012 and worked ourselves to the point where we decided we needed to make a change. Our work/ life balance wasn't what we had envisaged and so a plan was hatched to relocate to the South West! We upped sticks and moved to the beach, working remotely, where our balance was much better! Having been in the area a while it became quite obvious that the region is often overlooked as a location for events (and many other things). We found ourselves frequently travelling back up country to visit events that we felt should be on our doorstep. We got our thinking caps on, and decided that with our experience in organising events both for the public and B2B that we should put on a great event for the region!

About The Event

Roll Dice Gaming is an event designed to bring together Tabletop Gamers of all shapes, sizes and preferences. We chose to hold the event in Bristol at the fantastic Ashton Gate Stadium, in the very heart of the South West. We wanted to bring an event to the area, that has a thriving gaming community but is so often overlooked. Roll Dice Gaming showcases miniatures, wargames, board games, CCGs and RPGs at a truly special event that promises a weekend of wall-to-wall gaming, painting, collecting and hobby. Roll Dice Gaming also places host to the Bristol City Open, a spectacular set of tournaments running throughout the weekend and a miniatures painting competition being judged by some of the world's finest artists.

About You

We cannot wait to meet you at the inaugural Roll Dice Gaming event. Expect to see, try and buy a host of thrilling new games & old favourites combined. If you've ever rolled a chance cube, picked up a card or wielded a paint brush then you need to get yourself to the incredible Ashton Gate Stadium for a weekend of action and immersion. Game long into the night and catch up with old friends in the surroundings of the venue's restaurants and bars and marvel at some incredibly talented miniature painters showcasing their latest creations. Attend seminars and demonstrations and get involved all weekend to make sure you go away more enthused about Tabletop Gaming than ever! Book Your tickets now!