Get Competitive!

We are delighted to partner with experienced tournament organisers Bristol Independent Gaming to bring you a weekend of tournament play for the following Warhammer game systems:
Warhammer 40'000
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
The Horus Heresy
Blood Bowl


These events are strictly limited to numbers and we would encourage advance booking as tickets are selling fast.  Tickets are available here and you can view and download the Player's Pack for each event by clicking the respective links.
logo for age of sigma

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Bristol City Open

2’000pt Matched Play

Download Players Pack

The Horus Heresy – Bristol City Open

3’000pt Age of Darkness Narrative Play

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Warhammer 40’000- Bristol City Open

1’750 Point Matched Play

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Blood Bowl – Bristol City Open

1’100kgps NAF Tournament

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